Mary McCulloch, CMHt, PLR, CMRM PSYCH-K® FACILITATOR Professional Certified Master Hypnotherapist Past Life Regressionist Certified Medical Reiki Master Teacher Certified Emotional Freedom Technique.

Mary has over 30 years experience in the Western Medical Field and decided to take her knowledge and experience as well as her Holistic Training and open her own practice to help her clients find health in body, mind and spirit.

Certified Unity Field Practitioner. Unity Field Healing (UFH) is an evolutionary form of Energy Healing Medicine founded as well as trained by Dr. John Ryan.

Trained with Myra L. Lovvorn, RN, FNP, AHN Basic Worksho

Trained with Jason Parker, PHD,
ARE, Edgar Cayce – Certified Hypnotherapy
Trained with Brynn Blankenship, Hypnotic Solutions Certified Hypnotherapy – Past Life Regression
Trained with Peter Woodbury, MSW, ARE Edgar Cayce, Certified Past Life Regression Level 1
Certified Advanced Past Life Regression Level 2
Spirit Releasement, Akashic Records Life betwixt Lives

Trained with Karen E. Wells – KEW Solutions – Certified Advanced Past Life Regression, Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Certified Future Life Progression
Certified Psychotherapy
Certified Life Between Lives
Medical Hypnotherapy Techniques & Methods
Dr. Richard Nongard
Trained with Sheila Granger, Clinical Hypnotherapist (UK) DHP, GHR Virtual Gastric Band
Trained with Sheila Granger, Clinical Hypnotherapist (UK) DHP, GHR
The Drink Less Training
Train the Brain Beating Sugar Addiction, Control of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypnosis Meets Autoimmune, Hypnosis Meets Sports, Hypnosis Meets Depression, Hypnosis Meets Stress
Lose Weight Diet – Virtual Gastric Band – Udemy – Certified by Alan Kirwan
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping – Certified by Alan Kirwan
Affiliated with IACT International Association of Counselors and Therapists
Affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists
Affiliated with Past Life Regression & Hypnosis PLRTherapy.com
Affiliated with HypnoticWorld.com
Certified Crystal Reader through Hay House
Certified Medical Reiki Master Teacher, CMRMT, RKMRI
Trained with Carolyn J. Sheehan, Integrative Healing Inc. Reiki I, II, Master Teacher
Trained with Raven Keys, Raven Keyes International, Certified RKMRI Medical Reiki Master – Energy Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Complimentary & Alternative Medicine
Affiliated with Raven Keys International
Holophotonic2 Light Therapy
Sacred Solfeggio Sound Therapy
Licensed Minister affiliated with the Universal Life Church
Art of Healing Privilege License with the State of NC hypnosis and hypnotherapy


I am excited to help clients connect with their higher self through hypnosis especially when they realize they are able to heal spiritually which affects the body, soul and mind connection.
All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis.
Hypnosis is simply a way of tapping into the way the mind already works.
Hypnosis is the language of a hidden inner experience.
Hypnosis is at the core of human psychology.

Hypnosis is simply focusing your attention on the inside and when you focus on the inside you can begin to make the changes on the inside and those changes will begin to show up on the outside.

Hypnosis focuses on working with the root causes of issues by accessing and working directly with the subconscious part of the mind.

Remember the Mind is the Builder!

Hypnosis will help you achieve your goals as well as change your life through one of the many techniques used during the session.

Clients are able to access their own Akashic Records, their own Karmic Wheel as well as find that place of Peace and Calmness on their journey back to oneness and the creative forces.

DNA can change and our conscious intentions have an effect on it. Love heals!

Your DNA, is not set in stone, it can change; this is a fact that is quite well established in the molecular biology community with notable studies by Hartman (1975) and Wintersberger (1991). hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Many world renowned Medical and Psychological Organizations including the AMA have endorsed Hypnotherapy again and again as a credible effective treatment.

Medical Reiki is now being offered in over 800 hospitals in the US, including John Hopkins, Boston Children’s Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as well as Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC according to the AHA survey.


One of the most rewarding aspects of helping clients on their own life journey is that I have been extremely blessed to be apart of their journey to wholeness through Hypnotherapy and Medical Reiki

Remember the Mind is the Builder!

As the mind thinks and so it is! Edgar Cayce

As the body thinks, so becomes the outlook of the individual upon life and its relationships! Edgar Cayce

As a man thinks in his heart so is he! Not what man says, nor what man even makes out like he does! For we are gradually built to that image created within our own mental being: The Spirit is the life, the MIND is the active forces that, coordinated with spirit that is of the creative energy, which gives the physical result that is effective in every sense. Get That! Edgar Cayce
Then, if we think condemnation we shall have condemnation
If we should have love, show love
if we should have compassion, show compassion
If we should have forgiveness, show forgiveness

The seed, the fruit of every act, of every deed, from every thought is within it’s own self; unseen by the spiritual import that is put in same.
The truth the vitale that is expressed within every activity must bring it’s own reward. Unless it is from the fruit of the spirit it must eventually bring it’s own husks, it’s own redound, it’s own doubting, it’s own fears.
Changing only with the desires, the will, the import of that as the entity calls upon and puts the trust in.
Rather those sources of strength, power, from which the souls and spirit emanate.
As a man THINKS (PHYSICALLY) WITHIN himself, SO IS HE! Edgar Cayce, The Power of the Mind
What have you built?
Are you needing to reconstruct the foundation of your life or situations?
Are you needing help achieving goals?
Are you ready to make those changes?
See yourself in your minds eye with those changes already beginning to happen WITHIN!
Go ahead and Visualize how you want to look, act or just knowing in your own situation the changes you want to make.
Just start now by using your imagination!
More and more client’s are requesting care beyond what most consider to be traditional health services, and hospitals are responding to the needs of the communities they serve by offering Holistic therapies.
Feel free to call me as I offer FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS.
I am happy to discuss your situation, answer any questions you may have regarding Hypnotherapy or Medical Reiki.
I look forward to hearing from you!
For more information or to schedule an appointment call 704-287-1738