Hypnosis Meets Drinking Less Certification

This is a program not for Alcoholics but for those who recognize their drinking at times may interfere with their lives in disharmonic or negative ways which could lead to stress, anxiety, problems on the job and with relationships just to name a few.

We live in a society of drinkers, which at times the use of alcohol is used as a mental or emotional crutch or self medicating  which can lead down many avenues of harmful behaviors.

Alcohol is possibly the symptom and not necessarily the cause of over drinking and the desire the urge to drink more than we should can escalate to an emotional habit.

It is probably unrealistic to believe one could attempt to stop one from drinking completely, so the design of this program is to reduce the alcohol consumption to a more moderate and acceptable.

At times ones relationship with alcohol had a build up over a period time and most would like to be able to drink socially but within healthy limits.

Many drinkers secretly worry that they drink too much. They think they may need to quit drinking altogether because they’ve never been able to drink in moderation.

Although quitting alcohol altogether can be the way forward for a lot of people, it is not the only way.

There is a very large group of people who, even though they worry about their consumption levels, can keep alcohol in their life by drinking less.

The truth is that a lot of people choose not to discuss their concerns with their doctor or even their family because they know that their response will be, “Just cut back a little.” I know many clients have to said to me, “If it was that easy, I would have done it by now!”

Professional guidance can be helpful to some, but the problem lies in the fact that many drinkers feel isolated, alone, and shamed by the medical response which doesn’t give them any tools to help them drink less. They often walk away from a meeting asking themselves if they have a “real” drinking problem, or not.

I firmly believe that most over-drinkers can reduce their drinking dramatically with the right resource. The good news is: no willpower required!

Hypnosis has been used for decades to help people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome phobias as well as reduce alcohol consumption. Let’s take a look at how hypnosis can help people who may not be diagnosed as “alcoholic”…but who can benefit from cutting back on drinking.

The practice of hypnosis can help the mind choose options that are healthier than alcohol.  Many worried drinkers  have at some time in their life discovered that alcohol is an easy and fast solution to find some reprieve from the everyday fears of life. The mind doesn’t like feeling vulnerable. So, whenever someone feels like life is too challenging, it will find ways to give that person an emotional pick-me-up.

Hypnosis is a life-changing therapy that can aid many worried drinkers who know they don’t belong in addiction recovery. The goal of hypnosis is to break the unhealthy emotional conditioning to alcohol and to replace it with more logical and helpful responses. It is also important to train the brain to be more emotionally resilient and to be open to challenges that can be dealt with without a glass of alcohol in hand.

Once a drinker has developed healthier coping strategies through this method, they will not be drawn to alcohol as the instant answer. It does take practice but the hypnosis method is simple, effective, and life-affirming for many heavy drinkers. We all have the right to decide how we want to improve our lives and hypnosis is a brilliant way to achieve this.

Once a drinker does not use alcohol to soothe negative emotions, their whole outlook will be brighter, they will feel more in control of their life, and they can then drink alcohol without it being an emotional crutch for them.

The Drink Less Session is designed to bread down the habitual nature of drinking and help the client get back in control through hypnosis.

The Drink Less Program is a three (3) Session Program which is designed to help clients become aware of the circumstances where they are drinking.

The Drink Less Program will help the client become consciously aware of their drinking habits.

The Drink Less Program will help clients take responsibility for their drinking and easily follow a plan for reducing consumption of alcohol.

The Drink Less Program is a three session program with one session per week for three weeks.  The client will also be given a Support Session to listen to in-between session.

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