Autoimmune diseases are common, affecting more that 25 million people.  They are a leading cause of death and disability.   Some autoimmune diseases are rare and some such as Hashimoto’s disease affects thousands………

Retraining the mind and body helps by removing the Label removing language affirmations, improving cellular responses and making small realistic changes, which may have a large impact on the symptoms your client has been experiencing.

Hypnosis for Autoimmune diseases is proving to be a powerful and effective way in alleviating symptoms and there is clinical evidence that hypnosis can alter the immune system response.   The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 38(2), 71-79 cites a study by Ruzya-Smith, where only hypnotized patients had significant alteration of immune responses.

As well as, the Journal of Psychiatric Research 36(3), 179-187 cites a study by Ford, E.A. that concluded that pleasant imagery was an effective intervention in reducing fibromyalgia pain during the 28 day study period.

What are Autoimmune Diseases?  There are numerous kinds of autoimmune disorders but all of them are characterized by one central biochemical process – which the body attacks it’s own cells and tissues causing havoc.  (Systemic Inflammation)

Autoimmune diseases usually fluctuate between periods of remission with little or no symptoms or flare-ups with worsening symptoms.  The current medical model for treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms or using steriods or immunosuppressants to suppress the immune response, not necessarily by treating the cause.  To Cool off inflammation in the body, you must find the source……Treat the fire……not the smoke.

Autoimmune illnesses and the mind body connection gone wrong……………

Autoimmune illness and Stress……….  We know that there is a very strong element of stress in relation to the exacerbation of autoimmune disease and this further makes autoimmune illness treatment with Hypnosis such an effective to tool to help those who suffer…..

The connection between Stress and Autoimmune Disease was established in the 1960’s by George Solomon of Stanford University who was the first American Physician who studied the interaction between the mind and the immune system.

Solomon was working in the 1960’s treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and he observed that these patients would typically enter into a relapse during stressful times in their lives.   From a scientific standpoint, living in stress is like living in survival mode.  When we perceive a stressful circumstance that threatens us in some way, a primitive nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system turns on and the body uses an enormous amount of energy in response to the stressor.  The immune system initially dials up and then dials down as adrenaline and cortisol flood the muscles, providing a rush of edgy to either escape or fend off the stressor.   All of us are built for dealing with short term bursts of stress.  When the event is over the body returns to normal,  but if we are always in this Fight or Flight mode the body never has opportunity to return to normal.

Reducing Stress is a imperative component of autoimmune disease treatment.  If you reduce stress you reduce the wrong immune response and therefore reduce symptoms and flare-ups.

With Hypnotherapy, simply entering into a state of Hypnosis releases natural Pain-Blockers, enkephalins and endorphins.  The psychological and mental component of pain and disease is estimated by 80%.   As we learn more about the way that the cells of brain and body communicate directly, we find more avenues for healing that can only come from the  mind.  The use of Hypnosis is becoming more and more common in the treatment of many medical conditions.

We can improve our immune function when we switch from stress response to the relaxation response, which is why hypnosis has been shown to have a profound effect not only on our mental health but our physical health as well.

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