Research suggests sports performance has as much to do with mental abilities as physical abilities.

Hypnosis is the training of those mental abilities and will contribute to enhancing and improving athletic performance.

Sports Hypnosis can help anyone from the young person new into sports as well as the elite experienced athlete.

Famous Users of Hypnosis……..

Tiger Woods had a prestigious golfing career and he was able to make shots that no one else could.  He used Hypnosis since he was 13 years old to calm his mind, to free his mind from pressures, worry, distractions and focus on the exciting game of golf.

Kevin McBride (boxer) is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight.  The boxer used hypnosis to unlock his talents at just the right time.

Jeff Jaeger NFL kicker for the Oakland Raiders used hypnosis to perform better. Bill Bates NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys also used hypnosis to perform better. Vincent Hancock became an Olympic Gold Medalist in Skeet Shooting using hypnosis.

Winning an Olympic medal is a huge feat. Olympic athletes train constantly and dedicate themselves to their craft. Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton used sports hypnosis to help bring a gold, and many other medals, home to the United States. Mary Lou Retton’s  style of hypnosis involved picturing her routines in her head. She would visualize her performance and convince her mind that she could achieve the idea in her head. She saw a flawless routine in her head every night, and when she went onto the mat she was able to execute her routine the same way she envisioned it playing out in her mind. Her brain trained her body to believe she could achieve a perfect routine. This approach led her to victory and a gold medal.

Many other Olympic athletes also practice hypnosis. The Russian gymnastic team has been bring hypnotherapists to the Olympic games for years.

What can Sports Hypnosis and Psychological Interventions Help with?

Confidence Building

Anxiety Management

Arousal Control

Dealing with Self-Talk

Improving Motivation

Maintaining Focus

Competition Preparation

Improving Mental Toughness

Performance Enhancement

Technique Rehearsal Helps to reinforce established sporting goals

Aids athletes to better handle nervousness

Contributes to relaxation

Facilitates stress management

Increases concentration

Eliminates sports phobia responses

Provides the ability to eliminate distractions

Assists in controlling pain

Increases performance motivation

Improves bodily awareness

Almost 75% of American families with school aged children have at least one child participating in organized sports.

Can a relaxing and pleasant experience increase athleticism and cause improvement in sports?

Hypnosis is one of several techniques that athletes may employ to accomplish their sporting goals and it is equally beneficial to coaches as well as athletes.  Hypnosis may do for the mind what physical activity does for the body of an athlete.  The theory behind sports hypnosis is that relaxation is key to improved sporting performance and athletes may perform better if they are able to relax mentally and focus on the task at hand. Hypnosis may help athletes attain relaxation during practice and competition. Hypnosis may also help to control anxiety and manage stress in athletes.

Athletes may develop auto-response to preestablished stimuli which is geared towards achieving optimal performance levels.  Sports Hypnosis can also eliminate phobic responses, such as ‘Trigger Freeze’ in the Clay Pigeon Shooter, ‘Target Panic’ in the Archer and Fears of further injury in sports people following injury.   The impact of hypnosis on various aspects of sporting performance has been studied. Research has studied the role of hypnosis in enhancing basketball skills,  on flow-state and golf-putting performance, its impact on long-distance runners,  on archery performance  and on flow states and short-serve in badminton.

Another way that hypnosis can help competitive athletes is in dealing with pain and  injuries. Learning to dissociate from the pain can help them better cope with it and perform in spite of it. Relaxation methods can also be particularly helpful when it comes to managing pain which is a part of most sports. Hypnosis can also help athletes recover more quickly from a sports injury. By accelerating the recovery time the athlete can return to practice and competition more quickly, which can  be very important for athletes competing at the highest levels.

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