The holophotonics2 program uses the basic technology of the Quantum Life Infinity along with the beautiful animations of fractals by artist, Keith Allen Kay.

The program will analyze your vibrational state through voice and picture and generate fractal images and healing sounds just for your energy field. The effect is to bring you into greater harmony, peace and vitality. Experiencing these fractal images is often a very pleasurable experience as the images are beautiful to take in visually.

Fractals aid the human energy field to come into coherence. Coherence is the highest state of health and vitality possible.

Technology can act as a wonderful conduit for healing, however, true healing happens at a soul level, person to person, soul to soul. This extraordinary technology does not do the healing, at best it helps create an environment where healing takes place.

HoloPhotonics2 acts as an intuitive catalyst for working with clients. The holographic feedback is remarkable for releasing stress and fear so that one can enter into a state of healing.

· Biofeedback Technology

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