Hypnosis Meets Smoking Cessation Certification

I was taught to ask:  “Are you too physically addicted to cigarettes to free yourself from them?”

Did you not realize you are paying more for the cigarettes than with just the money? And you know how it goes you possibly starting smoking, maybe when you were young, or it’s just something you do.  You “OWN” it first.  If the smoking doesn’t “OWN” you. And of course you feel it you so choose you can quit at any time.

And so what happens?

Little by little smoking gets under your skin.  There will come a time when the CHOISE has not become an ADDICTION and that’s what we are looking at now.  It’s not just stopping smoking that’s important but HOW YOU STOP!

A lot of times people will jump on the idea that of physical addiction as justification for them to continue their smoking habit.  Or I have an ADDICTIVE Personality!

Or we have all heard the horror stories in the press about nicotine being more addictive than some narcotics and certainly some people can and do experience what it feels like to have strong withdrawal when they stop smoking.

And I wonder about the reward pathways in the brain become used to getting their fix.  And I wonder how much is pure physical addiction and how much is psychological expectation?

The truth is your body hates NICOTINE – Nicotine is gone from the body pretty fast – it really doesn’t stick around for very long.  Your blood pressure and pulse rate will begin to return to normal levels.   After just 12 hours your blood oxygen levels will have got back up to normal and toxic carbon monoxide levels will have fallen to within normal range.

After 48 hours damaged nerve endings are starting to repair and sense of taste and smell begin to return.  And after only 72 hours your body will test completely that’s 100% free of nicotine.  Any physically based craving will have peaked after this time as well.

Despite the abuse it suffers from smoking, the body fights back and recovers many of it’s losses pretty quickly as long as it’s given a chance to do this before cell damage becomes too chaotic and uncontrolled.

Chain smokers who stop with few withdrawal symptoms – when they stop many of them feel slight or no symptoms of withdrawal.  If smoking were just a physical addiction or even if the physical addiction side of it was all important than you wouldn’t find such people quitting so comfortably.

But what is highly important in maintaining a smoking habit and also in the experience you have after quitting is your psychological expectation.   The truth is that what you expect affects your body just as strongly as your mind.

You’ve probably heard of the placebo response, the placebo response happens when we believe an inert sugar pill is, say, a powerful pain killer.  The expectation of pain relief causes an actual reduction in pain.

The placebo is real and has helped people recover from serious illness because they believed they had been given a “Wonder Drug” when they hadn’t.

And it works the other way around too.  Nocebo is the term given when negative expectation produces a negative result.  So people who wrongly believed they were sicker than they really were have died because they had been wrongly diagnosed and expected to die.

So you know now why I’ve been talking about expectation.  If it can make the difference between life and death then it can make all the difference in your experience of stopping smoking.

When you quit YOU HEAL, you don’t withdraw.

I have found when the smoker started framing the time after they quit as healing rather than withdrawal they had much fewer or so called withdrawal symptoms.

Expectation produces powerful physical responses and when you really expect something it feels right that you are going to get it.  People who expect to get drunk will feel and behave drunk when given fake alcohol by researchers.   Remember the mind is the builder.

So if we can remove a large amount of expectation that nicotine withdrawal  is going to be terrible then all a person has to deal with is the physical element of letting their body heal.  This is why we use Hypnosis because it is much better at helping you change your expectations than will power is.

If someone is led to believe that withdrawal from smoking has to be awful then that belief and expectation may produce a large part of what they experience.  But what role does expectation play in keeping people smoking?

This is a great Program to decide whether or not you would like to become a non smoker.

You will explore how you are being brainwashed by cigarettes or the parasite and the host.   Can you even imagine entertaining an abusive relationship with cigarettes?  And more to follow………and what about will power……..to end up with the whole story……….

Is it really the right time for you to quit?  How did cigarettes trap you?

Figures show that hypnosis has a high success rate  to help people stop smoking – and from a lot of anecdotal evidence, both from former cigarette addicts as well as hypnotherapists, I assure you that hypnosis can help you to give up smoking.

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