UNITY FIELD HEALING is an unique energy based healing modality that works through your DNA quantum field of energy.  This field of energy bridges your body and your whole field of energy bodies to your higher spiritual self and the work takes place through “Energy Attunements” or Sessions.  The work is supported by Sirian Light Beings identified as the SIrian Blue White Collective (SBWC).

Today, many people like you are aware of the power to heal through energy and growth in consciousness.  Most forms of Energy Medicine or Vibrational Healing that we are familiar with are based on the channeling of universal energy, or designed to release restrictions or blockages in the human energy bodies.  UFH is no exception to this paradigm – but it is remarkably different as you will discover!  It is an evolutionary program that is designed to support healing and bio-spiritual transformation through the axis of your Quantum or Spiritual DNA.

Your quantum DNA can be thought of as a field of information that is intimately connected to your physical DNA.  As a field of information, it is an invisible part of your DNA system – for we are not yet able to view quantum energy in the “3D” world.  We are however able to feel and sense this energy – and certainly feel the effect of changes in this energy – as you will experience in Unity Field Healing!  The Quantum element of your DNA originates from the internal creative space of your spiritual nature or being.  You can imagine it as an energetic connection to your Higher Spiritual Self. As you will discover here in your exploration – it is a vast inter-dimensional field of information that governs your life in mystical ways.  In this field – there is information about all elements of your life, your healing and well being – and even your soul’s journey through time!

Importantly, and deeply important to the work of Unity Field healing – your Quantum DNA provides an energetic bridge between “you” and your deeper spiritual nature.  The purpose of UFH is to catalyze an awakening or an empowerment of this connection – to provide a recalibration with the deeper healing potential that originates in your own innate divinity or “Spiritual” Design.

The UFH template represents a quantum or inter-dimensional light pattern.  It works in a restorative way within the human Quantum DNA field – to help re-calibrate your human energy system with your original “blueprint” of energy. You might think of it as a resetting of energy – to clear energy patterns that have arisen and may lead to imbalance or disease states within the human energy fields.

themes of expansion as one journeys along the road of deeper personal healing and transformation.  It is the way the energy system is used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person and may be re-used any number of times to deep support around the intention or to introduce a new intention as the foundation of the session!

Unity Field Healing –

Three Unique Sessions:

Session 1 is  entitled “Self Attunement“.  Session 1 works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and spiritual DNA blueprint.

Session 2 is entitled “Unity Field Healing Template Attunement”. Session 2 provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template.  This is a deeply restorative energy session – and also provides the foundation needed to begin working more “personally” in Session 3.

Session 3 is titled “Unity Field Healing – Targeted Intentional Support”.  Session 3 provides an energy session that is aligned with a specific “personal intention”.  It is purposed to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in your personal life – that “need” or “would benefit from” healing attention.    These “intentions” may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues – experiences or patterns that arise uniquely in all of our lives.  Intentions can also include themes of spiritual expansion and higher consciousness integration – as one journeys along the road of deeper personal healing and transformation.  In doing so, UFH Session 3 provides an energy process that may be used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person through a common process.  Session 3 is the same – but the energetic response is unique and tailored to the intention which is consciously applied.

Each case is unique and all sessions are client centered!!

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